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The Cinnamon Conundrum

The other day a customer came into the store looking for a good cinnamon product for her blood sugar issues. I showed her one of my favorites: CinnDromeX by Xymogen. She was very specific about whether the ingredients included cinnamon cassia or cinnamon Ceylon, because she had heard that the more common cinnamon cassia was toxic. I assured her that our products are professional grade and quality guaranteed. I also reminded her that anything in enough quantity could be toxic. But you would have to take cinnamon cassia in massive amounts of grams not in milligrams as our product recommends. I notified the consulting physician at Xymogen to get more information on their product and why they use cinnamon cassia. This was her response:

There is some suggestion that the Ceylon type might have more of certain compounds, but cassia has more of other compounds. At this moment in time, there are more positive trials with the cassia form, in our product. It is not that the cassia form is "toxic" it is that in its raw form it has natural coumarins. If you were taking it raw, you want to be careful taking TB doses daily. However, we are extracting the blood sugar regulating compounds, in a water soluble way, no solvents, and concentrating the compounds needed, and getting rid of the coumarins. The source is organic, kosher, and non-irradiated. It is also less expensive than the Ceylon type, and since you are concentrating the valuable compounds to a set point, there is no reason to use a more expensive source to do that.

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