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Testimonials From Our Satisfied Clients

I'd like to give a big thank you to Radhia Gleis, the Wellness Consultant at Lake Hills Pharmacy, for her thoughtful and detailed conversation with me about various concerns I am dealing with regarding my health.She spend a lot of time with me, far more than my doctor ever does, explaining the underlying processes and causes of my ailments in a clear and understandable manner. She made recommendations for supplements designed to support and realign my system. She also took the time to consult with their pharmacist for confirmation on her analysis and to double check for any possible interactions that might result from her recommendations. I am excited about, and look forward to, applying the knowledge she shared with me on my path to cleaner and more natural approach to my health and life. I will be highly recommending her to my friends and family. Thank you Radhia!

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Johnny D

Granbury, TX

Joby and his crew are tops!!! My mom is assisted living. They deliver her meds the same day, their online website is so SIMPLE to use making reorders easy, billing and charges are easy to see. They answer over the phone questions expertly and QUICKLY (I can stay on hold SOOO long with my other family members pharmacies). When they see a potential conflict with meds THEY CALL and let me know before they send the med TO ENSURE I don't put Mom's health at risk by using certain meds simultaneously.

I should have posted this review months ago, but when I went into Mom's cardio appoinment last week and asked Nurse Practitioner Molly to send the new script to LakeHills Pharmacy , she just stopped and said , "Aren't they just great. I mean, Joby, he's great, isn't he?" I thought , "even the doctors can see their level of care and effectiveness!"

THANK YOU LAKEHILLS! Doctors and meds are so hard. You make that scary world much easier!

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Cycy M

Austin, TX

Well experianced team of doctors and staff . They are well involved and dedicated to each of their patients problems . I am happy with their sincere effort. Specially I must say a big thank you to Dr.Radhia Gleis, the wellness consultant at Lake Hills Pharmacy.Speciality is that she makes a detailed and in depth conversation about the health problems and its various concerns. The team members always answers the concerns and queries regarding my health and I am completely satisfied with their effort and service. Once again a big Thank You for All.

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Granbury, TX

I am so grateful for this neighborhood pharmacy! The service is second to none. The team found a coupon for me to save me money, has ordered things I was hoping to find there, tries to help save money where possible, etc! I honestly would NEVER be able to go to a big box pharmacy unless I had to have something after hours! Thank you you so much for the love, care and concern for your customers Lake Hills Pharmacy! I am so glad we found you!

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Lori Aune Jacobi

What a great pharmacy! They carry so many natural alternatives to traditional methods of medicines, as well as your traditional box medications. I am so pleased with the service and wellness products every time I've been here. They carry natural alternatives to allergies, bug spray, kids attention boosters, NeuroTropics, essential oils, charcoal tooth powder, natural soaps and beauty products, etc....GF galore! A very clean establishment and easy to navigate floor space.

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Carrie Ann Hall

Lake Hills a Pharmacy is amazing!!! My daughter has had a concession for 3 1/2 month. At the 2 month mark we went in for some help. They gave us some creams and for the first time she was relieved from her symptoms. Still today she uses her creams. Thank you for taking the time and listening to me and helping my daughter.

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Kate Morton

Amazing. Professional, courteous, extremely knowledgable. Lake hills consistently exceeds my expectations, for both western medicine and natural or homeopathic solutions

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Doherly Riebesell