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Long Term Care

Since its inception in 2014, Lake Hills Pharmacy has operated using innovative processes to better manage individual profiles, streamline prescription packaging, optimize billing situations, and help care providers remain compliant with state and federal regulations. It all starts with the onboarding process, where we educate our administrators, nurses, and direct care staff on how our system works, and then continues with the number of resources we provide to the nursing team in the field. We understand the challenges at the facility level and we have incorporated policies and procedures using technology to ensure that receiving accurate and appropriate medications for residents is not a hassle!.

Our Process

Cycle Fill

Routine medications are filled and sent out on a 28 day cycle. Deliveries of individual medications are typically received 4-6 business days before the start of the following month, in a detailed and highly organized fashion to streamline the check-in process.

Direct Daily Delivery

Our direct and daily deliveries allow the nursing team to effectively receive medications, check them against the MAR, and distribute them to residents in a shorter period of time.

Non-Cyclic Fill Medications

With the help of our software, we can anticipate when prescriptions are due and identify which medications are needed at any given time. This prevents nurses from chasing down orders, submitting emergency refills, and helps to provide a consistent regimen for both the nurse and the individual

Direct Daily Delivery

Lake Hills Pharmacy takes the lead with your physicians to make sure that each individual has a sufficient amount of refills on their profile to avoid any lapses in therapy. The process of reaching out to doctors starts as early as 21 days before the current prescription actually runs out. Our proactive approach prevents potential delays caused by prescriber changes and appointment requests made by the prescriber. When there is a request for an appointment before refills are authorized, we relay that information to the nursing team so a visit can be made prior to the next fill.

Senior Living

Pharmacy solutions for assisted living & independent living facilities

You can expect customized expertise as well as reasonably priced prescription, OTC medications for residents, specialized packaging and eMAR integration to help you keep residents safe

Residents & Families

Important healthcare information & billing

You can expect expertise from our pharmacists and access to important health care information. Discover what services are available to you and your family members.