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Meet our Wellness Director - Radhia Gleis, MEd, CCN

A Professional in the field of nutrition for over thirty years; She is a resourceful, and innovative educator who strives to inspire all people, young and old to make a long-lasting commitment to a healthy, meaningful life, through diet and lifestyle.

Radhia is a Certified Clinical Nutrition, C.C.N. She has a M.Ed in nutrition.

Radhia is a CCN, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist/bio chemical analysist, specializing in weight loss/management, detoxification and diet related diseases, such as obesity and diabetes, cardiovascular disease, auto-immune, inflammatory disease, neurochemistry analysis and hormones. She teaches/lectures and practices the profession of clinical nutrition with great passion.

“When it comes to wellness, don’t wait till you’re sick before you become proactive about your health”

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Most people go to their doctors once a year and get their annual blood work- up. In conventional medicine, certain markers that are high or low mean that a person has a specific disease. They look only at laboratory or disease ranges. The problem is that these ranges don't tell the whole story.

Laboratories create their “normal and abnormal” ranges by creating a bell curve of all the patients getting their blood draw at their lab in recent months. The markers that are in the top 2 ½ percent and the bottom 2 ½ percent are considered “outside the laboratory range”. But the vast majority of the people getting their blood drawn at the lab are either coming from doctor’s offices or hospitals who are there to figure out why they are sick.

Get the exact results you want!

Radhia has the trained to evaluate all types of biochemical assessments besides blood, such as:

  • Genomic evaluation,
  • Hormone, neurochemical,
  • Allergy testing,
  • Stool,
  • Hair analysis, and heavy metal
  • Petrochemical testing.

Weight loss and Management

Get a clinically supervised weight loss program that helps you get the weight off permanently without hunger, weakness, or loss of lean muscle.


Get the personalized help you need to figure out what detox program is right for you.

Depression/ Anxiety/ Insomnia

Get the customized nutritional support you need through neurochemical/hormone tests and assessment

Clinical Nutrition and Biochemical Analysis, For Diet Related Diseases

Customize your wellness program through the right biochemical assessment tools and expert guidance and diet and supplementation.

Autoimmune Diseases

Solve complex immune issues by getting to the root of the cause.

Customized Genetic Nutrition Analysis

Learn what your genetic weaknesses are and how to protect them.

Pastoral/Holistic Care

True healing is the balance of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Radhia’s Story

Like many practitioners, my path as a wellness counselor started with my own health challenges. I used to be a graphic artist, an airbrush artist to be exact. It never occurred to me that blowing rainbows, out of my nose because of the paint fumes was a bad thing. I was working on the EPCOT project for Disney at the time. I was the youngest designer and only female on the team. Besides the toxicity, the stress was overwhelming.

I was mainlining on coffee and junk food and when I was asked if I wore a mask when I used the airbrush, I replied “No, how could I smoke?” I had all kinds of health problems: heart palpitations; weight problems; headaches; allergies; hypoglycemia so bad I couldn’t function at the end of the day. I was quite young, and I thought to myself if I feel this way now, I don’t even want to know what I will feel like in my 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Then I discovered a nutritionist and she saved my life. The first thing she did was put me through a detoxification program, then she taught me how and what to eat, and turned me on to the dietary supplements I needed. My life was changed forever. I feel better than I ever did when I was in my 20s. I was so inspired that I went back to school and changed my career. I have been teaching and practicing Clinical Nutrition/holistic wellness for over 30 years.

When it comes to a disease symptom, I investigate like Sherlock Holmes, I search for the underlying cause of that symptom, not just cover it up with a Band-Aid. To me, to help someone restore their health back to balance and feel as good as they can feel is the most rewarding career I could have ever chosen. The rest is history!