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Resident & Family Member Tools & Support

As your pharmacy partner, we want to provide you with tools and resources to make navigating long term care medication management easier for you.

  • As a resident or a family member of a resident, we know that entering the world of long term care can be overwhelming. As your pharmacy partner we will do all we can to make this transition as smooth and simple as possible.

  • Online Patient Portal

    Makes managing pharmacy activities easy for residents and family members.

    When residents choose Lake Hills Pharmacy as their pharmacy provider, they can take advantage of our Online Patient Portal, a secure web portal that provides residents and their family members* (Power of Attorney required) with real time access to pharmacy records.

    Through the Online Patient Portal users have access to:

    • Real time resident medication records including costs and compliance information

    • Report function to view and print pharmacy records for taxes and other purposes

    • A dedicated support team to answer questions regarding your pharmacy services 
  • OTC Medication Program

    Our program provides an affordable and safe alternative to resident/family management of over the counter medications, including: 28-day, single dose, generic OTCs that have been pharmacist checked, packaged and delivered directly to the community.

  • Dedicated Long Term Care Staff

    Our Long Term Care team is available to residents, responsible parties and facility staff to provide price estimates, assist with billing questions and much more.

    Call us at 512-608-9355


    Email us at [email protected]

  • Community vaccination clinics

    We offer on-site vaccination clinics to residents and staff at your community.

    • Pharmacists administer vaccinations including flu shots, Prevnar®23, Pneumovax® and Shingrix® to residents and staff during seasonal vaccination clinics.

    • Lake Hills Pharmacy bills Medicare or insurance and most vaccines are provided at no charge to you!