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Transdermal CBD Cream

Transdermal CBD Cream

SKU: transdermal-cbd-cream-15mg-serving

The Best USDA Organic CBD on the market in a transdermal lotion.  With WAAYB Organics Transdermal CBD Lotion you are able to treat a specific area and get maximum absorption while still getting systemic relief as well.  You can also use this with your pet by rubbing inside of their ear to get better absorption than when taken orally.

WAAYB Organics Transdermal CBD Cream is derived from USDA Certified Organic, Colorado-grown hemp from our farm.  Use as directed by your health care professional with our metered pump which distributes either 5mg, 10mg or 15mg per pump, and rub thoroughly in any area where you need relief or apply it to your neck for systemic benefits. This is the same transdermal base that is used by pharmacists to deliver medications.

Our hemp was cultivated and nurtured on our farm in Boulder County, CO.  It is hand-harvested and delivered to us where a key cannabinoid, cannabidiol, is derived locally at our facilities using supercritical CO2 extraction.

Active Ingredients: Hemp Extract

Inactive Ingredients: Liposomal Base