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Probiotic ENT Defend

Probiotic ENT Defend

SKU: probiotic-ent defend

Instead of waiting for a sore throat, periodontal disease or wondering why your friends and family keep at arm’s length, you can proactively work to prevent these problems, especially periodontal disease and sore throats of all kinds, including potentially dangerous strep. Like the probiotics we use for our gut health, now, there is a friendly-bacteria for the oral cavity, called streptococcus salivarius. S. salivarius adheres to cells in the cavity and positively affects the bacterial population and natural immune defenses by inhibiting and eliminating pathogens, modulating the immune system to reduce pathogen-induced-inflammation and helps the immune system rapidly respond to pathogens. 

Dr. Stewart and the folks at NeuroBiologix formulated Probiotic ENT Defend, a pleasant tasting chewable that activates in the oral cavity for support of ear, nose and throat health. Regular use of this probiotic may help you dodge the upcoming winter sore throat season, keep your mouth free from periodontal disease, and get your family to kiss you again.