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One Farm by WAAYB CBD Softgels

One Farm by WAAYB CBD Softgels

SKU: one-farm-by-waayb-cbd-softgels-20mg-softgel-30-softgel

One Farm by WAAYB CBD Softgels are made with high CBD hemp grown on our family’s farm in Boulder County, Colorado.

Take one to two of our 20mg or 30mg CBD Softgels daily to enjoy the many benefits & have a happier, healthier life.*

Our hemp was cultivated and nurtured on our farm in Boulder County, CO.  It is hand harvested and shucked before being delivered to our local facilities where it is then processed using solvent-free supercritical CO2 extraction.

Ingredients: USDA Organic CBD Extract, USDA Organic MCT Oil (fractionated coconut oil), softgel