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Neuro-Immune Infection Control 120c

Neuro-Immune Infection Control 120c

SKU: neuro-immune-infection control 120c

Neuro-Immune Controlª is a broad spectrum combination of natural ingredients shown to effectively inhibit the growth of potential pathogens, yeast and bacteria which may have a poor affect on the body and brain as a whole

The natural combinations of these ingredients support each other so things that are potential bacterial or yeast do not have the opportunity to survive in the body.*

Possible Signs of Yeast Overgrowth:
Hyperactivity or inattentive behavior*
Giggly or inappropriate behavior*
Gassy or bloated belly*
Presence of yeast, diaper rash, fungus*
Night walking or sleep issues*
Bedwetting or accidents*
Unpleasant smelling gas and stools*
Cravings for sugar or carbohydrates*