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Infinite Energy Mini Bundle

Infinite Energy Mini Bundle

SKU: infinite-energy mini bundle

The Mini Infinite Energy Bundle includes NAD and a 20 trial pack Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide 

To make that energy, a series of chemical reactions must take place within the powerplant of the cell , AKA the mitochondria. NAD+ is a major component of these chemical reactions, which produce the energy known as “ATP”.  Real NAD Plus  the only product available that contains the active form of NAD+ which has been clinically shown to increase NAD+ levels. The other forms are precursors that have to be converted by the body into the bioactive form of NAD.  REALNAD+ comes in EZ Melt™ tablets which transports energy providing NAD+ directly into the body via buccal absorption in the mouth. No big pills to swallow. No bad taste in your mouth.

What is Nitric Oxide (N-O)?

N-O is a molecule produced naturally by your body. It’s responsible for promoting artery vasodilation which relaxes the muscles in your blood vessels allowing for health blood flow and healthy circulation. The body naturally converts Arginine into nitric oxide. Once we reach age 40 our body's ability to make that conversion diminishes each year.