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Behavior Balance DMG Liquid 60serv

Behavior Balance DMG Liquid 60serv

SKU: behavior-balance dmg liquid 60serv

Recommended to support:

• Balanced behavior and socialization skills*
• Stress coping mechanisms*
• Mental clarity*
• Immune system functions*
Behavior and Social Skills Support*:
• Dimethylglycine (DMG) has been reported to modify and
improve behavior, eye contact, social interaction, verbal skills,
mental alertness, brain function and may reduce lethargy.* It
is a precursor to many amino acids and neurotransmitters that
aid in brain and nerve function.*
• Betaine (trimethylglycine) helps support behavior, increased
social interaction, circulation, normalize amino acid metabolism and liver protetction from fat deposits.* Betaine is a
precursor to DMG.
• Vitamin B6 supplementation results in a positive impact on
behavior, better eye contact, less involuntary physical action
and more interest in participation.*
• Folic acid helps in the metabolism of the amino acids used by
the brain.*
• Vitamin B12 supports proper sleep patterns and production of
the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which assists in memory
and learning.*
Stress Management and Mental Clarity:
• Magnesium is a mineral that supports cognitive function and is
essential for normal brain and nervous system functions.*
Immune System Support*:
• DMG helps the body adapt to various forms of stress and supports the immune system.* Three U.S. Patents on DMG have
been awarded to DaVinci® based on 20 years of extensive
research into the benefits of DMG on immune health.*
• Zinc supports a healthy immune system and helps fight the
formation of free radicals.*