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Financial Value

As your pharmacy partner, we provide an extensive array of services with a low cost-to-fill model, providing the greatest financial value to our patients and their families.

  • Additional pharmacist guidance

    Our experienced consultant pharmacists are valued members of the team of providers utilized by your Long Term Care facility — they’re here to help guide doctors to achieve optimal outcomes for residents while keeping your bottom line in mind. 

  • Formulary management

    Our pharmacists and staff seek to consistently provide medications to our patients that are not only therapeutically appropriate, but also cost effective. Many times providers are unaware of the price of the medications they prescribe or which medications are considered “preferred” products on their patients insurance plans. Our staff is experienced in reviewing medication orders and contacting providers when appropriate to change to a “preferred” or less expensive product that is therapeutically equivalent. This ensures our patients receive the most cost-effective medications while meeting their individual therapy needs.

  • Going generic

    One of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce pharmacy spending is via generic conversion. Since there are so many generic versions of major brand name drugs coming available, timely conversions to generics can add up to significant savings. By staying informed, we are able to convert to equivalent generic medications as soon as they become available and pass along the savings to our patients.