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Wellness Consult   

Clinical Partnership & Risk Mitigation

Our industry-leading consultant pharmacists are dedicated to providing clinical support that’s customized to the individual needs of your facility and staff.

  • Consultant Pharmacists

    Our pharmacists are valued members of a facility's interdisciplinary team, helping them to achieve optimal outcomes for their residents - and their bottom line.

    Consultant Pharmacist service begins with an introductory meeting with key staff members. Armed with a thorough understanding of the facility's unique needs, our staff is able to provide a tailored program that encompasses the educational, regulatory and cost-containment concerns of the facility while assuring appropriate medication therapy for each resident.

    Every Consultant Pharmacist visit includes one-on-one time with key leadership before and after the consulting session to ensure that critical information is shared and addressed promptly.

  • Staff education

    In order to advance staff knowledge and help reduce risk in your community, we work directly with administrators and their staff to set up our services. Our community onboarding process addresses how to correctly utilize unit dose packaged medication and keep the entire facility on the same cycle. This aids in preventing dosage errors and increases medication compliance throughout the facility. In our experience, communication is key and we talk regularly with physicians, wellness directors, nurses, and med aids to ensure medication processes are running smoothly at the facilities we work with.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    We know regulatory compliance is a key component to your success — and it’s one of the keys of our pharmacy consulting program too. Our pharmacist will guide you through the ever-changing state and federal regulations to keep you compliant and will work to help address specific areas of concern by:

    • Improving the quality of care, safety and health of residents

    • Reviewing Quality Indicator/Quality Measure reports

    • Identifying medication issues and trends

    • Providing survey preparation and support

    • Developing and implementing plans of action

    • Enhancing staff capability through comprehensive clinical education programs

    • Medication destruction using onsite destruction boxes